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To buy a Takchita or caftan 2019 contact us: caftan.me@gmail.com with the photo of the lebbsa, djellaba or caftan that you like.  

Moroccan traditional clothes are full of stories, including the Moroccan takchita.

Get ready because you will find Mille and a photo of models caftan and lebssa 2019 , for all the family, all the tastes and all the budgets. Look no further The best pictures of kaftan, they are all here.  

Are you ready to discover the most beautiful caftans? here is a taste

joli caftan takchita 2019 maman et enfant
what a beautiful photo caftan 2020
Takchita 2019 caftan 2020 famille , lebssa maman et fille
it’s so beautiful, these pretty caftans mom and little girl

 salma rachid en caftan caftan 2020 pour maman et takchita femme enceinte


The Takchita is a Moroccan traditional dress is a long dress composed of two layers superimposed, the first layer is called “Tahtya”, while the second layer is called “fouqia”. The first layer is usually simple with little work of m3elem, however, the second is defined by more embroidery and beading.

For the purchase of an online caftan, ask for information using this email: caftan.me@gmail.com .

Admire this gorgeous sky-blue silk satin takchita , the designer has chosen a sfifa copper color (same color of mdamma) that perfectly matches the color of the fabric . The outfit is chic and modern with little pearls, young women will love this model:

1. Types of fabric for Moroccan Takchita

The fabrics used to make a Moroccan dough are generally noble fabrics, used in principle in haute couture and by negafas stylists. Here are the types of fabrics proposed for a chic and modern takchita.

  • Satin silk : soft and shiny.
  • Silk brocade : a fabric with raised patterns in gold or silver.
  • Velvet : a fabric that is light and soft to the touch.
  • Calais lace : a fabric used for modern Moroccan takchita.
  • Chiffon : A fluid and soft fabric very comfortable and worn in the warm months.
  • Shantung : A fabric that reflects the traditional side of wild silk.

The pastel colors are trends caftan and takchita Moroccan 2019 as the model above. The fabric is fluid, so the embroidery is not too busy not to weigh down the outfit.

2. How to wear Takchita?

The traditional “Takchita” outfit is worn on special occasions like weddings, baptisms … etc. She is admired by all ages and worn by all social backgrounds. Normally, the Moroccan takchita 2019 must slip on the ground and picked up with elegance when the woman walks. This is what defines this outfit of other types of traditional outfits in Morocco.

The takchita dress form is the takchita model trend 2019, as the following model: a modern cut with a transparent fabric. Embroidery in purple, yellow and pink colors bring out the color of the off-white fabric.

The Moroccan Takchita 2019 is worn, in principle, with a traditional belt called Mdamma which gives the silhouette. It can be fine or large depending on the trends and the taste of the woman. The belts 2019 trends are the thin belts with large pins in the middle, like the one worn with this luxurious white kaftan .

A takchita is made of silk, silver or gold, it is also made with embroidery and rhinestones in the style of the fabric of the dress, as the case with this pale pink rhinestone takchita, the holding of the top is sleeveless.


3. The models takchita 2019

We will offer you a selection of 2019 takchita models, which can inspire you this year:

This model of blue takchita is perfect for a bride, the beaded fabric shines in the light and adds elegance to the outfit.

Another style of pastel colored takchita with red beads, which blend perfectly with the green almond satin fabric . The designer has chosen the gold sfifa for a total chic look!

This light pink takchita is composed of a first satin layer of chair and the second layer is in chiffon of the same color. This beautiful model is characterized by two drawings in the form of bands embroidered by hand with gold threads.

Let’s continue the collection with this luxury 2019 takecita in pastel color, the colorful beads have added beauty and elegance to this beautiful outfit.

This white wedding takchita pattern is perfect for a bride, the beaded fabric shines in the light and adds elegance to the outfit.

Another model of takchita pastel color with a nice modern embroidery. The designer chose the white sfifa for a chic overall look!

This light pink takchita is composed of a first transparent layer and the second layer is in pink chiffon. The cut of this outfit is a little different from the others, for women who like to stand out. Once you decide to purchase a takchita 2020, use this contact: caftan.me@gmail.com

For lovers of the green color, here is a green caftan 2019 with pretty flowers embroidered by hand. This outfit can be worn in the henna day, the bride must wear a green caftan, and this one will be an excellent choice.

The velvet takchita is still trendy in 2019, especially with embroidery curved with gold threads like this pretty takchita in midnight blue. Young women like this cut that looks like a dress.

If you like the chic and classic look, then you have to put a silk satin takchita. I show you above an elegant takchita in gray / pink, so fluid and chic for women who like simplicity and chic at the same time.

The famous make-up artist Joelle wore this dress-style caftan , she received a lot of compliments after sharing her photos in Moroccan dress. Girls under 30 will be crazy about this type of caftan.

Admire with us this luxury caftan 2019 with this beautiful embroidered design, in front and on the sleeves. The golden color of the embroidery blends perfectly with the color of the fabric.

Back in velvet, but this time with a Cyrene 2019 kaftan , beading is still present in the takchita and caftan 2019 collections . The three-quarter sleeve adds the practical side to the outfit.

Leila hadioui is the model who wears wonderfully luxurious kaftans. She is always present in the parades of the big Moroccan stylists.

Here is an example of a classic Jawhara takchita , this fabric is timeless. To recall the golden color of sfifa and aakd , the model wears a very thin gold mdama with red and green beads.

Another example is takchita jawhara 2019, still in off-white color to add value to the gilded relief in the fabric.

If you like to stay simple and attend a little party, this copper colored satin caftan with large beads will be perfect for the occasion. This kaftan is worn with a 2019 modern mdama, simple with pearls.

Generally, the bride must be the only one to wear a white outfit. So this 2019 white takchita will be a good choice for a bride. The outfit is not heavy, the detail sought by modern women.

Women who like to attract attention when attending large weddings, will certainly admire this luxury velvet caftan 2019. There is a lot of work on it: embroidery, maalem work and beads.  

The Moroccan bride is distinguished by the takchita with train , it will be perfect on a young woman, who will dare to have the half-naked back.

This royal blue kaftan 2019 will be irresistible for the funs of this beautiful color. Even more with this adorable drawing embroidered with gold threads.

Do you like to move easily during the holidays? Choose this model. A velvet caftan in the evening, three quarter sleeves and small beads designs.

Here we are again with a bridal caftan with a train, this time in royal blue color. Brides like to wear outfits with pearls for the effect it has on lighting.

And if the bride prefers pastel colors, she can choose this takchita with train with embossed patterns. It was the first outfit to wear on the amaria. I remind you that you can use this address caftan.me@gmail.com , for the sale of caftan online.

Among the best trends caftan 2019 , modern style caftans. Some women and young ladies seek the mix between modernity and the traditional, the following example will surely please them. The cut of a dress is present, the Moroccan belt is there and the work of the maalem adds the traditional touch to the outfit.

The caftan is now sold in ready-to-wear, the models are more sophisticated and well worked. The following kaftan was present in major fashion shows that took place on an international scale. The cut of the caftan is adjusted like the dresses worn by the women of the west, the embroidery is high-end makes the outfit super luxurious.

Treat yourself to the finest luxury takchitas 2019 , and the best oriental dresses . Stylists regularly invent new styles and cuts, and this pink kaftan with turquoise flowers is one of the most requested models by women in 2019. The cape is an elegant and sylé touch, many of you will love the l ‘try.  

The satin crepe is an irresistible fabric, it gives elegance to the takchita. This is the type of fabric that refines the woman’s silhouette, it is not recommended for women with curves.

You must have admired Laila Azziz in yellow caftan. RedOne’s wife chose to wear a satin takchita at Maria Nadim’s wedding party. The gold accessories have added finesse to the outfit.

This velvet caftan with lining is also part of the caftans trends 2019. Just choose the color of the lining, avoid a color identical to the color of the fabric, choose instead an opposite tone to attract attention to this beautiful detail.

If you choose a simple takchita with little maalem work, in this case, you can bet on big Moroccan jewels. The long johar necklace will be perfect on a unloaded caftan .

You choose a luxury takchita to be the star of the party? This outfit will not leave anyone indifferent!

Do you want to wear a feathered takchita to add originality to your outfit? If you’re looking for inspiration, here’s an example of a lovely kaftan feather .

Admire this green cape kaftan , the caftan in flared cut in sfifa and aakad colored. This is the cape that is embroidered this time, you can remove it if you want to stay simple and move quiet.

Admire with me this beautiful Takchita 2019 in purple satin with pearls. The style is a bit different from the classic takchita, the second layer is in the form of a cape and it’s super trendy this year.

Dans ma collection de takchita 2019, je ne peux pas ne pas introduire un caftan Donia Batma, l’ambassadrice du caftan marocain. Elle insiste toujours pour porter un caftan marocain dans les fêtes et festivals et concerts. 

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For women who like takchita long , this model will no doubt please them. The white color blends perfectly with the pastel green, and large laakad are still trend in 2019. The singer Cahda Hassoun wears it marvelously, you can not find it?

The following model will be a perfect 2019 bridal caftan since it is white, and brocade fabric is still present in the caftan 2019/2020 collections .

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The kaftan velvet is the favorite of young girls, it is easy to wear and gives a look of elegance. Velvet is present in the market in many colors, you will always find what you are looking for. This model is purple velvet, and we choose the color of sfifa copper color , this color is top currently present in laakad, pearls and accessories.

A takchita embroidered with gold threads is the typical model of the Moroccan luxury outfit, especially if the sfifa is made of the same material, difficult to resist in front of such a masterpiece.

For lovers of kaftans dresses , here is a super chic and elegant design. The cup of the caftan is modern certainly, but the embroidery adds the Moroccan touch to the bottom.

If you like the template, feel free to use this contact: caftan.me@gmail.com

I also propose you a 2019 trendy caftan model , worn by Moroccan singer Saida Charaf in her wedding party. White is present, normal is a bride, and the work of the maalam is not too busy but class at the same time. The gold accessories worn by the nagafa are cut off, Bravo!

Here is another model of mermaid style caftan , this design highlights the roundness of women, it is often the choice of women luscious. This caftan is made of silk velvet, this fabric is so light and fluid, the designers recommend adding a lining so as not to be embarrassed when moving.

Thank you for having followed my collection of the best models of takchita, if you like a model, do not hesitate,  

contact us: caftan.me@gmail.com

I invite you to admire the rest of my selection of caftan 2019:


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I’m a big fan of velvet kaftan, I think many of you are too. Here is a model of black velvet caftan with sfifa and laakad in gold thread, super class for all occasions. Personally, I can wear it at home for small occasions.

Do you like wearing dresses and kaftans at the same time? So this model takchita 2020 will certainly be one of your favorites. The cut is adjusted and the sleeves are tight, at first glance it seems that the takchicha is composed of two parts, while it is necessary. The pattern maker has to choose the color of the pearls in green blue, which fits wonderfully with the purple color of the fabric.

Here is a kaftan blue with golden pearls, we always stay with the modern takchita style worked with sfifa thin. The mdamaa 2019 trend is thin majdoule, it’s chic but few women dare to put it on!

I bring you this time a modèle takchita traditionnelle 2019, la coupe takchita évasée is back among this year’s caftans models. The combination of the two colors orange (fabric color) and pink (sfifa color) gave a magnificent result. Admire the model!

Personally, I am a big admirer of the navy color, even more if it’s the color of a kaftan velvet . The above takchita pattern is luxurious, embroidery with gold threads and blue silk threads make the outfit exceptional. The belt is decorated with beads of the same colors of embroidery, magic!

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Do you like wearing a boat neck? This style of kaftan is for you then! You’ll be dazzling in this garnet velvet caftan , with golden sfifa and maalam work right in the middle, the result is TOP!

These two jawhara takchita are breathtaking, choose the white or champagne color. Both are irresistible. I remind you that you can order the model you like from this collection of takchita and caftan 2020 by contacting: caftan.me@gmail.com

The lovers of embroidery will love this model, the embroidered design is a masterpiece. The first layer of this takchita is in the form of a long cape, the arms will be half covered, so this embroidered kaftan is perfect for spring and summer.

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Je rajoute dans ma collection ce caftan léger pour les petites occasions, le travail du maalam est trop présent et c’est tellement beau.

That the funs of the yellow color begin by ordering, this model yellow takchita chick with embroidery and pearls is to have in a wardrobe of dress. Just use this address: caftan.me@gmail.com .

This pastel colored caftan is one of my favorites, the finesse in the cut, the embroidery and the white pearls plus the small belt, make this caftan model too special.

I will now talk to the ladies and girls who love to be the star of the holidays, and who want to wear a special and luxurious takchita. This takchita 2019 design is a unique piece that will make you the most admired guest.

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The jawhara fabric is the timeless fabric, our grandmothers wore it and we still do it. And this jawhara green takchita will surely be one of your favorites.


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