The Moroccan bride wears at least three or four outfits on the day of her wedding. Already, she is wearing a 2019 green bridal kaftan on henna day, and another outfit on the day of the marriage certificate (a ceremony that is not mandatory).

What is the difference between a married caftan and a simple caftan?

In principle, the 2019 bridal caftan looks like a simple caftan or a traditional takchita, but it is designed with more noble fabrics and with more maalem work. Some brides prefer to wear not too busy kaftans, but Negafa accessories bring elegance and give the bride a special look to the guests.

Another detail that characterizes the 2019 Moroccan bride caftan, is the length! Yes, like the train of the western wedding dress, the Moroccan wedding caftan usually has a train behind. We found that this is no longer the case with the 2019 bridal caftan, the woman is looking for more and more simplicity.

The 3 main outfits worn by the Moroccan bride

 The number of bride’s caftan and takchita 2019worn by the Moroccan bride differs according to her choice. But there are 3 types of essential outfits that all brides must wear.

1. Green caftan for henna

The day of the henna precedes the wedding day, it is the day when the future bride puts henna on her hands and feet. The number of guests rarely exceeds twenty people, and the bride wears a green kaftan embroidered with gold, usually velvet.

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2. White Takchita

In principle, white takchita is the first dress worn on the wedding day. So if the bride refuses to wear the white color, she must at least wear a light colored bridal caftan signifying her purity.

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3. La Fassia

The outfit named “La Fassia” is an important bridal caftan 2019. This outfit can be white, green or red, and it is characterized by its shape and the large number of jewelry worn with it.

meilleure takchita fassia

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