The djellaba is a traditional dress prevalent in North Africa and especially in Morocco.

Also known as jellaba is a long outfit with a hood and long sleeves. However, it is made of more or less heavy fabrics, since it is worn to go elsewhere.

History of Jellaba

The Tradition in Morocco is that during Ramadan and eid el fitr, one must wear a beautiful jelaba that is why Moroccan women get more than 2 or 3 jellabas a year. The 2019 Jellaba has seen a big change from 2017 and 2018.  

Jalabas with beadings are in vogue and the result is just super beautiful

I love this Jalba from Dunia Batma jalaba 2020

When A Woman Wears a Jellaba 

The Moroccan Woman wears jalabas all the time but especially during Ramadan and eid el fitr or during invitations and occasions with family.

jelaba jellaba 2002 jellabas 2020 jalaba 2020

How to wear a Moroccan Djellaba

So in Morocco it is worn with Babouches, Balgha or charbil but also with sandals or with other shoes. Shoes ? yes Dounia Batma does it in a yellow jalaba photo at the bottom 

jalaba 2020 jalaba 2020

Dounia batma qui porte une belle jellaba Jaune

Jalaba dunia batma 2019 Jalaba jaune Dounia Batma Jellaba dunia batma

Jellaba dounia Batma is always great 

The djellaba woman 2019 is made in different shapes and colors and traditionally made of wool, although the textile industry nowadays allows to make lighter djellaba.

Young Moroccan women prefer to wear a fluid and light djellaba. This is the case with this blue djellaba with pearls and rhinestones. The sleeves are tight for comfort!



Formerly, the woman djellaba was long without embroidery or with pearls. Today, the 2019 djellaba woman is available in various forms with cuts and ornaments. It can be short, fitted to the body and covered with pearls and rhinestones or embroidery.

Moroccan casual clothes: Djellaba, gandoura, jabador

In Morocco, traditional dresses have different shapes. Some are worn daily like takchita, while others are casual. The caftans, gandoura and djellaba are a little close to the body so they can be worn every day without worries.

Some women like to keep the broad shape of the traditional djellaba with embroidery, and this is the case with this orange djellaba with blue sfifa . The fabric is rigid so that it does not bend easily.

1. Caftan and djellaba 2019

Le caftan 2019 can be worn with a belt (or not), but this is not the case with the 2019 djellaba woman and gandoura that remain fluid and comfortable. The djellaba and the gandoura are designed mainly with wool. Recently, women dare all types of fabrics: satin, velvet, silk mlifa, muslin, broquart, pancakes, wool, etc …


2. Gandoura 2019 and Moroccan jabador

The particularity of the 2019 gandoura is that it is much wider compared to other traditional Moroccan clothes. Women wear the gandoura for small parties or family ceremonies, to move easily and stay relaxed.

There is another casual Moroccan outfit that is worn with denim pants, it is the jabador (the example above). The latter has a simpler cut but contains many embroidered patterns and maalem work. This allows the Moroccan woman to wear an outfit that is both modern and traditional .

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