We offer on our online shop the Moroccan caftan, also called takchita by some, but also lebssa, to offer unique outfits for all events and all your oriental parties.

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A few words about Caftan and Takchita


The caftan is a long dress that women wear at special events like weddings and births. The Caftan gained popularity after being introduced to the world by the biggest stars and stylists recognized through the fashion shows. The kaftan is a garment worn in various regions around the world, in the Middle East, in the Maghreb and also in Central Asia, Persia (which included the current Iran as well as other states)

The Takchita 



A two-piece dress composed of two parts: the Tahtiya which is the first layer and the fouqia or dfina which is an open caftan and often transparent. A Takchita is usually worn with a belt, either silk or gold or silver adorned with precious stones (diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald)

The Moroccan caftan

The Moroccan caftan is a symbol of both Moroccan tradition and innovation. The popularity of this garment, both in Morocco and abroad, comes from its elegance and simplicity.

Moroccans are proud of their caftan, symbol of a deeply rooted popular culture. Whatever the type or quality of this garment, the Takchita gives a characteristic look to women, regardless of their social class.

The traditional seam of the Moroccan caftan is distinguished by reminders of the known regions of Morocco. The creations originating from Fez, for example, are characterized by an old originality that is mixed with the silver or gold wire that the women of the city refuse to give up.

caftan 2020

Women in North Africa, especially in Morocco, wear the Moroccan caftan at home and at special events.

The stars love it

Nowadays, oriental fashion seduces more and more. The caftan continues its momentum crossing other borders (Europe, Americas) the stars of music, cinema but also the politicians proudly wear it during media events.

The stars like the caftan because of its simplicity and elegance but not only. There is also a variety of colors and styles that showcase their physique.

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