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The great proof that the Moroccan caftan has invaded social circles, is the surprising number of orders placed, through
boutiques online frommoroccan caftan sale

Are you fun Moroccan outfits? Have you ever had the experience of buying the Moroccan caftan on the internet? You liked the dress on the manikin but you’re disappointed once you’ve worn it? Know then that you are not the only one!

Since I am an expert in the field, I will give you some tips and tricks to make an online purchase of a Moroccan caftan,
gandoura marocaine or a takchita. Afterwards, I will also give you links to reliable online stores to sell caftans and all traditional Moroccan clothes.

Feel free to share my tips with your friends so that they can buy a takchita, djellaba or caftan without being disappointed.

Caftans and takchita sales statistics online

There are more than 5 million caftans and takchita sold online each year, Morocco occupies the first place with more than 60% of sales. Find below the graph that details the percentage of online sales:

Moroccan caftan seduces the world

Morocco is a country that is known throughout the world for its wealth of history, tradition, culture, climate, cuisine, religion … and so much more. Therefore, all these aspects influence the style of Moroccan dress, and have given rise to different outfits.

The Moroccan woman must absolutely have in her wardrobe, two main outfits: The djellaba and the caftan. These are two costumes with a totally oriental appearance, designed mainly noble and refined fabrics such as natural silk, velvet, brocade, taffeta and cashmere.

The caftan worn by stars and celebrities

The Moroccan caftan and takchita were worn by several stars like Hilary Clinton, Jessica Simpson, Beyoncé, Bethenny Frankel, Elizabeth Taylor and even more celebrities who did not hesitate to show in Moroccan dress. Admire their photos:

Hilary Clinton en caftan marocain


Jessica Simpson en caftan


Elizabeth Taylor en takchita

How to order a kaftan, Takchita or Jalaba online ?

Vous avez envie d’acheter un caftan ou un jalaba en ligne? Ou bien vous êtes au Maroc mais vous n’avez pas le temps pour la création d’une takchita sur mesure  ?  La seule solution qui se présente est de : commander en ligne  ! 

To Make a Custom Caftan or Takchita

Si vous souhaitez investir dans les tenues marocaines, vous pouvez donc acheter caftan en gros , vous ferez de bonnes bénéfices. Just contact us here:

Let’s say you made the decision to
buy takchita online
You have to know where to order and how to choose the caftan, djellaba or takchita without being lost in the order.

  • Déterminer quel caftan, takchita, lebsa ou jellaba vous voulez!

Si vous consultez une boutique en ligne pour vendre des caftans mariée et robes marocaines , vous serez certainement perdues. Vous devez savoir ce que vous cherchez: un caftan brodée ou avec perles, simple ou chargé, en velours ou en satin… etc. Ce sont les détails qui vont vous simplifier la recherche de caftan 2019, en plus la recherche varie aussi selon le besoin: Acheter caftan ou louer caftan . Décidez-vous alors!

  • Specify the budget

It is very important to specify and limit your budget to buy caftan or other outfit.
Otherwise, you risk exploding your credit card once in front of collections that are irresistible, so be
reasonable and set a budget not to exceed.

Remember that there is still belt and shoes, you must also consider the other accessories.

  • Choosing the right caftan shop

Once the choice and the budget is determined, it will be
it’s my turn to show you the right place to buy an online caftan because you risk being tricked by malicious websites.
So follow my advice to avoid disappointment.

My advice:

  • Before placing an order, ask the opinion of Internet users.
    It is difficult to know the reliability of a site without trying it.
    Customer feedback can be helpful.
  • Contact real people before placing an order, some sites are not real.
  • Do not hesitate to watch the workshop. Avec Caftanme et Caftan Gallery you can view the work of the couturiers live.
  • Vérifiez la fiabilité de la boutique and the guarantee of the delivery, if it is not the case, send only 10%.

If you follow my advice, you are sure you have not been cheated when buying a caftan or lebssa online.

The caftan does not look like what you saw online?
That’s why !

The parcel arrived and you directly tried the outfit?
But are you a little disappointed with the result? You should know that c e is not always the shop’s fault!

If everything is OK: the fabric, the cut, the size and the work of the maalem and despite that, the result is satisfactory.
This is because the outfit was worn by a dummy under professional lighting.

The mistake many women make when trying a caftan is that they do not look after their looks. Before wearing the takchita or the caftan ordered, put makeup and blow dry, I assure you that the result will surprise you. is an online store offering the
trend caftans 2019
for all tastes and budgets. However,
Many guarantees are offered to buy or rent a caftan in the best conditions.

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